British-American TV and film production company Scott Free Productions is working on a feature film inspired by Camila Russo’s The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto Hackers is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum, a bestseller about Ethereum. This was announced yesterday by Russo-founded crypto media company The Defiant.

According to the Notice, Ridley Scott, Scott Free’s Tom Moran and Vera Meyer will be involved in the production of the film. They will be collaborating with Versus Entertainment’s Alejandro Miranda.

Shyam Madiraju will write and direct the film’s screenplay, while Francisco Gordillo, co-founder of crypto hedge fund Avenue Investment, and Russo will serve as executive producers of the film.

Delighted with this development, Russo said it was incredibly exciting to have Scott and his crew on board for the production of The Infinite Machine.

she added

“I can’t think of a better team to turn the compelling story of the people behind the most revolutionary technology since the internet into a feature film that will capture the hearts of our generation.”

The film “Infinite Machine” becomes a hit

HarperCollins published The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto Hackers is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum in 2020. Path.

The book has received notable praise from leading media outlets. Bloomberg Businessweek hailed it as one of the 49 most intriguing titles of 2021. The Wall Street Journal said the book was the best introduction to the world of Ethereum.

Pulling content from such sensational reading makes The Infinite Machine movie an instant hit, especially in the crypto community. Scott Free’s involvement in the production of the film is expected to play a significant role in its success.

The company is behind some of the most successful films, including Top Gun, Gladiator, Blade Runner and Alien. Scott Free films have received more than 80 Oscar nominations.

This news comes as web3 projects continue to be featured in the film industry. Earlier this month, leading crypto exchange Coinbase announced that it would produce The Degen Trilogy, an animated film in honor of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

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