Dan Heyman, co-founder and CEO of Palm NFT Studio, has been appointed to represent the EEA Board to drive further Ethereum adoption

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – April 6, 2022 – The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) today announced the acceptance of Palm NFT Studio as a board-level member of the EEA, the highest level of the organization. In addition, the EEA announced that Dan Heyman, co-founder and CEO of Palm NFT Studio, will serve as a representative of the company’s EEA Board of Directors and help guide the organization’s vision, drive member engagement and build new initiatives for advancement of the Ethereum ecosystem will contribute.

Palm NFT Studio and its co-founder and CEO Dan Heyman join board representatives from EEA member companies including Accenture, Blockapps, BNY Mellon, ConsenSys, Ethereum Foundation, Intel, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Moves and Banco Santander. Palm NFT Studio brings its expertise to the EEA as a technology company working with leading artists, creatives, IP owners and entertainment companies to bring them to Web3 and NFTs. The Palm Network is a new NFT-optimized blockchain network for culture and creativity, built for the Ethereum ecosystem, offering low gas costs, fast transactions and a reduction in energy consumption of over 99% compared to proof-of-work systems, 99% offers. Prior to co-founding Palm NFT Studio, Dan Heyman was co-founder and general manager of PegaSys, the Ethereum protocol engineering division of ConsenSys. During his four years at the helm of PegaSys, Dan helped collaborate on the design and development of the Ethereum 1.0, Ethereum 2.0, and Enterprise Ethereum blockchain protocols.

“Under Dan’s leadership, Palm NFT Studio has become a pioneer at the forefront of Ethereum technology to drive long-term utility and value for Web3 ecosystems. On behalf of the board, I am very pleased to welcome Palm NFT Studio to the board and Dan as a representative of the EEA board,” said EEA Executive Director Dan Burnett. “Palm NFT Studio joins the EEA at a time of rapid expansion in the DeFi and NFT space. Dan’s expertise with Ethereum, companies built on Ethereum, and NFT creator ecosystems will help accelerate the growth of the EEA as we attract additional members in these categories.”

Since its debut in March 2021, Palm NFT Studio has introduced groundbreaking NFT drops ranging from high-profile art projects like Damien Hirst’s The Currency to new channels for issuing NFTs as a reward for fan engagement with blockbuster IPs like Space Jam 2 and range DC FanDome 2021 from DC Comics. Palm NFT Studio has also partnered with Pace Gallery to launch the gallery’s Web3 platform, Pace Verso, which bridges the visual arts and crypto worlds.

“Ethereum is helping to revolutionize the way the world thinks about finance, culture, media ownership, and the relationship between creators and fans. By taking advantage of this massive cultural shift, such as E.g. using NFTs to create Web3 ecosystems, Ethereum is at the forefront of culture and creativity,” Heyman said. “I look forward to working with the EEA Board of Directors, EEA members and EEA community project leaders to advance how businesses build on Ethereum.”

About the EEA

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) enables organizations to adopt and use Ethereum technology in their daily business operations. The EEA empowers the Ethereum ecosystem to create new business opportunities, drive industry adoption, and learn and collaborate. The EEA Community Projects provide a hub for open-source development of code, APIs, standards, and reference implementations. To find out more about joining the EEA, contact [email protected] or visit https://entethalliance.org/become-a-member/.

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