The NBA has teased ETH NFTs for the playoffs after launching on the Discord server following the success of NBA Top Shot and will have even more going to Ethereum, so let’s read more in our latest ETH news today.

The NBA teased ETH NFTs Twitter feed and Discord server to promote various NFTs and Web3 projects. As part of the Discord launch, the NBA will release the ETH NFTs to celebrate the season’s playoffs. Earlier this week, the NBA launched a new feed called NBAxNFT, where the league plans to showcase the things that basketball and Web3 overlap, including games, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

As part of the initiative, the NBA set up the Discord server, where it already has more than 30,000 members, and this afternoon announced more plans to release ETH NFTs tied to the season’s playoffs starting tomorrow. While Dapper Labs’ NBA top shot is one of the main projects so far and will help establish the concept of digital sports collectibles and see it mainstream, the pro basketball league appears to be planning, the Web3 initiatives and NFTs to expand like Ethereum NFTs based on the season’s playoffs:

“As an advance warning, we are working on an NFT project to celebrate the NBA Playoffs,” the announcement said. “We’re not quite ready to announce the details yet – that’s coming soon.”

The post explains that the first 10,000 members of the server can add the ETH wallet address to the allowlist by 5pm ET on Saturday, and those who make the cutoff will be guaranteed access to earn an NFt from the project coin and the FNT will be free without coining the gas fees of the ETH network. Given that the new project is built on ETH, Dapper Labs and NBA Top Shot are unlikely to be involved, and the latter is built on Flow and DApper’s proprietary blockchain platform built to support the large-scale NFT projects after facing ETH limitations on early NFT projects like CryptoKitties.

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According to NBA Discord Server, the new NBAxNFT initiative is not focused on the single NFT release, but on a variety of different projects in the Web3 space:

“This Discord server (like @NBAxNFT on Twitter) is the official home of the NBA for basketball and Web3 fans to engage, interact and learn about current and future NBA projects and partnerships. He is not limited to a single NFT project. It’s a space for that community to connect about the things they’re passionate about.”

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