PRESS RELEASE. GensoKishi, a new fantasy world economy powered by blockchain technology by integrating elements of NFT and GameFi on the Metaverse, is pleased to announce its 2nd NFT commemorative auction starting June 15, 2022 at 18:00 (UTC+8 ) will take place until June 22nd. 2022 at 17:59 (UTC+8) !

The second round NFT auction will feature a wide range of cosplay gear NFTs, from Legend class NFTs, all of which will be unique exclusive items, to SuperRare, Rare, and Normal class items.

Since we had a number of bids during the 1st NFT auction, we expect many more participants during the 2nd NFT auction. And for the first time, the auction bid currency will be in MV instead of USDT. So if you are planning to participate in the NFT auction, please make sure you have MV available in your wallets before the auction period starts.

NFT auction round 2

The official GensoKishi NFT Auction Round 2 website here

How to place a bid

The bidding screen is available at the bottom of the auction page. Follow the steps below to bid

  • Choose the MV network for your bid (ERC20 or Polygon)
  • Enter the RV quantity you wish to bid
    * The minimum bid amount is 100 MV.
  • After entering your bidding information, click the ‘Bid’ button and your bidding process will be completed.

* The ‘Bid’ button on the auction page will appear once the auction starts on June 15, 2022 from 18:00 (UTC+8).

Cosplay gear NFT items

“Cosplay Gear” is one of the main features of this game.

For example, in an RPG, a swordsman generally fights with a sword in his right hand. However, in GensoKishi, the swordsman can change his appearance by wearing a “Magic Wand” cosplay gear in his right hand, making it appear as if he/she is fighting with a magic wand.

GensoKishi is a GameFi where players from all over the world can communicate and collaborate. We hope that each of you will go beyond the limitations of RPG roles and customize your character’s appearance to your liking.

Of course, all cosplay gear has its own stats that affect its power, and some of the rarer cosplay gear also have unique abilities.

By combining this cosplay gear with their individual unique abilities, you can build your own character that suits your style and preferences. A warrior who can heal himself? A girl who runs like lightning?

Yes, the world is as you imagine it…

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GensoKishi Online will continue to provide crypto game enthusiasts with updates on this project.

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