PRESS RELEASE. The gaming ecosystem has been at the forefront of adopting NFT and other blockchain innovations. However, despite the play-to-earn gaming model’s impact on driving blockchain adoption, it has been heavily criticized due to the models used by most gaming projects.

Blockchain games are believed to degrade the quality of gaming experience with the ability to earn or earn more from these games. That is the truth? Oh well. While this may have been the norm, the narrative is changing as blockchain games evolve.

This article will dive into a new blockchain gaming project that preserves both the play-to-earn model and the quality of the user experience. The game is called MMG (Monopoly Millionaire Game).

What is MMG (Monopoly Millionaire Game)?

The Monopoly Millionaire Game is a sea themed game about island building, cultivating, shooting and much more. The game is based on BSC Chain’s GameFi NFT P2E model, where MMG tokens can be obtained by hunting sea creatures in games.

The game has two types of tokens, MMC, the governance token; MMG, the game token; and Cannon, the in-game NFT. According to the official report, the Monopoly Millionaire Game will be pre-released on May 25th. By holding the NFT, players can participate in games where they must hunt sea creatures to earn $MMG for P2E.

In addition, to play the game, players spend gold coins (similar to the game’s physical strength concept) and shoot cannonballs. The game rewards users ($MMG, gold coins and mysterious treasure chests) based on interactive data (like game length and objects hunted) and algorithms. The number of game prizes is proportional to the qualities and game data of Cannon NFT. If you understand the game’s reward system, you will know how to find a suitable Cannon NFT for the game.

More information about MMG

mmg has different earning opportunities and models, with the economic model based on the NFT life cycle mechanism, Project Defi dividends and $MMG output. These three models guarantee every player an orderly type of P2E.

Also, the Cannon NFT has eight star levels, with each star level corresponding to a specific $MMG return, gift gold coin, and life cycle. In addition, the highest return period is set in the MMG gaming environment, and players who own Cannon NFT can earn DeFi daily by logging in.

Furthermore, the income comes from the fish pond built into the game (fund pool). Fishpond funds account for 120% of current NFT Mystery Box earnings (settled in $MMG). 20% of which comes from “Project Party Governance Token Dividends + Secondary Market Service Costs, etc.”

The market value of each cannon greatly influences the number.

MMG token utility and details.

Throughout the article, we have mentioned how important the token is to participate in ecosystem activities. mmg operates on a dual-token economic architecture, with $MMC serving as the governance token and $MMG as the gaming token, as explained earlier.

However, $MMC has a total issuance of 100 million, which is used for dividend staking, voting keeping, NFT synthesis, and in-game item purchases, among other things; In contrast, $MMG has a total spend of $1 billion that is used for game release and burning (90 percent of mystery box sales are burned).

Getting started with MMG

Exploring MMG involves very basic steps. First install the game by downloading it from the official site website. Next, open Google Chrome and download the Metamask wallet plugin. If you are new to cryptocurrencies, carefully copy your mnemonics (12 words in order).

As with any blockchain project, it is important to always do your own research.

More information about MMG can be found at: website, Twitter, Middle, discord, telegram

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