Former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé believes the gaming industry will continue to incorporate Metaverse elements into their games. Fils-Aimé believes that established gaming companies like Nintendo, with their expertise in building interactive and persistent worlds, are better placed to lead the race to the metaverse than other companies.

The former Nintendo president believes gaming companies will lead the Metaverse

The race to the Metaverse space is on, and some believe gaming companies have the upper hand to lead the space in the short term. Reggie Fils-Aimé, former CEO and President of Nintendo of America from 2006 to 2019, believes that gaming companies like Nintendo and Sony are better suited and equipped to compete in this Metaverse race because of their experience in designing and creating immersive experiences for games to lead .

Talking about Metaverse and gaming companies, Fils-Aimé told Yahoo Finance:

I believe it’s run by gaming companies, and I believe that when it’s presented in a fun, compelling way, it’s an experience that people want to have.

Additionally, Fils-Aimé explained that Metaverse elements such as persisting digital worlds and digital avatars are elements that are already present in a range of game experiences today, so moving from traditional gaming to Metaverse elements will not represent a major shift for players.

Metaverse and Gaming

The Metaverse has been predicted to be a $13 billion opportunity that can attract more than five billion users, so gaming and other companies are keen to get into this burgeoning industry as soon as possible. Companies like Sony, owners of the Playstation brand, have already included the Metaverse as a key concept in the company’s business plan.

At the time, Sony stated that it “intended to leverage the unique strengths of its diverse businesses and expertise in gaming technology… to create new entertainment experiences in the realm of the metaverse.” Microsoft has also stated that they want to enter the Metaverse space by acquiring Activision, so the space seems crowded with various players going forward.

However, Fils-Aimé stated that while it is important to focus on the Metaverse for the future, delivering interesting and entertaining content to consumers should be the goal of gaming companies. In this regard, the Executive saluted From Software, developer of Elden Ring, a recently released game qualified by Elon Musk as “the most beautiful art I have ever seen”.

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