etherthe much-anticipated move to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus expected Going live in June will be pushed back to an unknown date, according to Tim Beiko, one of the project’s lead developers.

The Ethereum to PoS transition has been pushed back to June

According to a tweet from Beiko, Ethereum merger won’t happen in June, but it will likely happen “a few months after that.”

The statement was made in response to a question from an Ethereum miner as to whether the mining community will have more time or the plug on Proof of Work (PoW) miners will be pulled in June.

Beiko further advised miners not to invest in more mining equipment as the transition is only a few months away.

Ethereum’s final transition to a PoS network will mark the end of mining on the blockchain, the Ethereum Foundation has been promising for years.

With the new consensus mechanism, miners would give way to validators who would be responsible for confirming transactions on the network. This move is intended to help Ethereum become more scalable while reducing energy consumption.

When will the merger actually take place?

But the renewed postponement of the merger has raised other questions. Many are speculating that the transition could be delayed by more than a few months. This plays into the trope of past promises about the change.

A mining pool operator on the Reddit forum for Ethereum miners wrote that they “have reviewed the code and run nodes on the merge testnets (and it doesn’t look like) that they will be ready by 2023”.

On the cryptocurrency subreddit, another user added that “It’s kind of an ongoing theme in the ETH mining community that Proof of Stake has been ‘almost here’ for years, but this time it’s true that we’re nearing the end.”

Others share this belief, including Canada-based mining company Hut 8. Its vice president of corporate development and investor relations, Sue Ennis, called in February that the company is close to the Ethereum developer community and information reaching them that PoS is still a long way off.

If The Merge doesn’t go ahead as planned, it would be a huge disappointment to the community considering how many delays the transition has experienced in the past. Also, the delay would also give other smart contract-enabled blockchain networks an opportunity to compete with Ethereum’s dominance in DeFi and NFT.


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