Bastion as a social web 3.0 platform

Most crypto projects are nothing but cones of a few successful coins. Bastion, on the other hand, is a fast-growing social platform that combines elements of Youtube, Twitter, and torrent; it recently surpassed four hundred thousand users and is growing rapidly. Bastion is built on the premise that social media should be Web 3.0, decentralized with an open-source code, a distributed node infrastructure, and no entity controlling it like the Bitcoin model. In Bastion, users enjoy the content and moderate that content based on transparent rules, while bloggers and node operators earn pocketcoin (PKOIN). Bastion can be accessed through, but the most censorship-resistant way is to use the Bastyon desktop app, which can be downloaded here:

Tor network integration into the Bastion desktop app

The desktop app does not rely on central DNS servers or Web 2.0 domains, but connects directly to the nodes. This facility already reduces reliance on centralized services like DNS. And now there’s another layer where the Tor network is built right into the app. This integration significantly increases user privacy (Bastyon already doesn’t require a phone number) while increasing resilience. Bastion app that uses the Tor network when other methods don’t work or when the user uses Tor for privacy reasons. It’s worth noting that privacy is key to Bastion even without Tor, as Bastion’s registration doesn’t require a cell phone number or other identity verification. However, the addition of Tor connections ensures that even if many nodes on the network were tracking users’ IP addresses (it’s difficult to do), Tor’s onion routing breaks the connection between the user and their IP address would.

On-chain promotion of content with PKOIN

Additionally, the Bastyon Core team just implemented a feature that allows users to promote their posts using PKOIN, the internal token. This is a first in a series of improvements that make the pocket coin more useful. Utility is the core value of any cryptocurrency, as many crypto projects note. With a significant increase in registrations up to 400,000, PKOIN content promotion provides another organic use for Pocketcoin.

The Bastyon Core team is working on a decentralized ad marketplace to help bloggers break free from the legacy financial system and centralized power structures of Web 2.0.

Pocketcoin (PKOIN) is currently traded on Digifinex, Bitforex, Bilaxy and Mercatox. It can be purchased directly from 19 different cryptocurrencies

PKOIN can also be purchased for Visa/Mastercard at

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